Terms and Conditions

Hard copy applications are added to our database in the order in which they are received.  You will then receive an automatic email to confirm that we have received your form and your child has been placed onto our waiting list for tuition.


The waiting list is monitored regularly and CMA are in contact with schools and teachers to keep the waiting times as short as possible. We aim to get as many pupils as possible started by the beginning of the term following our receipt of the application. However sometimes it can take longer where a teacher has limited space in a school

When you Apply

When there is a space, CMA will contact you via email and send you an invoice. If you have asked for Help with Fees we will also ask for you to send a copy of your award notice.


Once we have received payment, the teacher will contact you via email to advise you of the time and day of the lessons.

When Lessons Start

Pupils need an instrument to practice at on at home. We have a limited number of hire instruments available for new pupils. For more information about hiring an instrument, click here


Successful lessons require commitment and regular practice at home. You will receive a written report in July each year whilst your child is having tuition.


Please use the practice booklet to keep in touch with the teacher. Alternatively you can email them, all CMA teacher's email address are in the format as follows: firstname.secondname@croydonmusicandarts.co.uk

Pupil Progress

Fees are payable in advance on receipt of an invoice. Notice to withdraw from lessons must be given in writing (by email or letter) to the Croydon Music and Arts Office by the following dates:

15 February - to stop at the end of Spring Term

15 June - to stop at the end of Summer Term

1 November - top stop at the end of Autumn Term


You can pay via your invoice credit or debit card over the phone during office hours on 020 8681 0909.

Please note that there is a 1.65% surcharge on credit card transactions. There is no charge for debit cards.


The quickest way to pay for an invoice is via the Croydon Council website.

Click here to go to the Croydon Council online payment page, select 'Croydon Music and Arts Tuition', enter your information and follow the on-screen instructions.


For more information on ways to pay, click here

Fees and Notice