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Useful Apps

ABRSM Online


One of our exam boards has created a number of online learning resources. These are available to help you progress towards your exams and feel more confident doing it.


New tools include:


Melody Writer - A new tool designed to help improve your melody writing and music theory knowledge and understanding.


ABRSM Aural Trainer - An award-winning aural practice app from ABRSM.


Speedshifter - A practice tool that allows you to vary the speed of audio, without altering the pitch.


Perform, Record, Share! - Play and record your exam music, then share your performance!


SoundJunction - ABRSM's interactive site for listening to, exploring, discovering and creating music.


Piano Practice Partner - Helps you by playing one hand so you can play the other as you learn.


Violin Practice Partner - A practice tool which provides access to enhanced recordings of Violin Exam Pieces.



Virtual Piano


Want to play piano but don't have an instrument? Turn your computer keyboard into a piano using this link: http://virtualpiano.net/



Clapping Music


Improve your rhythm by learning how to perform Steve Reich's Clapping Music. This app allows you to tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern, and progress through all the variations. If you slip up or your accuracy falls to low, it's game over. Download the app here: http://clappingmusicapp.com/



Music Theory


Visit www.musictheory.net for a variety of music theory learning tools and lessons.