Hire an Instrument

There are lots of factors to consider when deciding with your child what instrument they would like to learn, such as which instruments are taught at their school and which are available to hire out from us. More importantly they should think about what type of instrument most appeals to them!


For all other instruments you are able to hire an instrument from CMA when you start lessons.


We recommend that once your child has been learning for more than one year, that you consider purchasing a instrument. When you wish to buy one you can use our Instrument Assisted Purchase Scheme where you can buy the instrument free of VAT.


Why hire an instrument?


Hiring an instrument is designed to let beginners try out their chosen instrument before their parents/carers buy one.

Having an instrument at home to practise on is crucial to the development of the pupil.


Instruments available


We have a limited number of instruments and availability of an instrument cannot be guaranteed.


Instrument hire is NOT available for: piano, keyboard, ukulele, recorder, guitar, saxophone or drum kit


Cost of Hire (at September 2016)


£10  First term / part term

£25  per term after that

£10  per term for pupils on free school meals

Free  Looked after children

Instrument Hire Form (Word Document)


The instrument....


  • is only to be used by your child. It must always be used with care and replaced in its case when not in use. Mouthpieces must always be removed and bows loosened.


  • must always be carried in a case where provided.


  • when not required at school, must be kept at home and stored in a safe place.


  • must be kept away from heat and damp and must be maintained in good playing condition. Parents / carers and pupils must take every care to ensure that the instrument is not lost or damaged.


  • must be returned when lessons stop to the Croydon Music and Arts Office NOT the school.


  • if the instrument is not returned to us, we will send three reminders by email and two final letters. If we do not receive a response, the case will be passed on to our debt recovery team. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us at the earliest opportunity to arrange a further agreement.


  • should only be repaired by specialist firms recommended by CMA. All damage or losses must be reported immediately to the Instrumental Teacher or CMA.


  • must be insured on an ‘All Risks’ basis for its replacement value to include away from home. If the instrument is lost or damaged you will be liable for the cost of repairs or replacement.


Parents/Carers must provide strings, reeds and other accessories.


A copy of the conditions of hire, with details of the instrument and its replacement value, will be provided for parents/carers on collection of the instrument.